Block has been upgraded and became ‘D-Blocks’

Ce jeu, t'y joues, t'es à Block !

D-Blocks is the new version of “Block”, now available on Marketplace: a lot of new things to discover in this third version. Let’s have a look!


D-Blocks is here. I have just published this new version on the Microsoft Marketplace. You can try it for free by downloading
the game here:

What is    ?

D-Blocks is an addictive game! Regroup blocks
by color to destroy them. Break them for maximum points! Be careful, you have
only one minute to beat the high score. Combos are very helpful! Use cross,
bomb, overtime or shake your phone!

Unlock achievements and use it as avatar in the leaderboard! Some
achievements are hidden, so, explore the game to find them!

Tip: The more you break the blocks and the more your earn points. Use the
multiplier: high multiplier means more point, and brings lot of combos!

A world ladder is waiting for you, then get ready!



Retrieve all information about your game.
Best score, average score, best hit combo, played games, exploded bombs.

There also are 5 fives stars indicate your standard rank.


Let’s have a look on your rank. I mean, your world ranking.

Your score is automatically uploaded online when you display this screen.


Set your player name. It will appear on leaderboard.

Choose “enable vibration” to make the phone vibrate when bombs explode.

You can disable sound effect.

A new feature of this third version is the reset option. You can reset the
game, completely.

My avatar:

There are 15 achievements to unlock, by playing or exploring the game.

Then achievement is unlocked, you can use it as avatar for the leaderboard.
You tap on it to select your avatar.










Game features:





Multipliers are essential to achieve a good score. They can multiply the
points earned! The maximum multiplier is 8, and it is obtained by destroying
at least eight blocks at once.

A new complement of multipliers has been achieved: the overtime bonus.

Row combo

By destroying this combo,
you will destroy an entire line of blocks.


Destroy a complete column.

Cross combo

One of the most important combo. It will destroy both, row and column in
one shot.


The bomb is the most recurrent combo in the game. It appears 2 times more
than the previous ones but also produces less damage. However, a new feature just
makes it much more powerful! The Shockwave.

Overtime bonus

Available only in the Quick mode, the overtime bonus add 10 seconds to
the timer. You can get this bonus by destroying at least 18 blocks,
representing the combination of a bonus Cross  (which consumes 17 blocks itself)
with any other combo.

But of course it will only appear once you’ve reached the maximum multiplier

Overtime bonus can be consumed at once (no other overtime bonus will appear
if there is already one on the screen).


After the explosion of a bomb, a shock wave propagates through all the
blocks. If a bomb is on the path of the shock wave, it will explode as well!

 Shake it!

Sometime you can be stuck, without any combinations to destroy blocks. If
this happens to you, shake your phone and the blocks will scramble!


Looking forward to discover Block?

You can download it here, trial or full version for only 0,99€!

The trial version is limited to 5 games per day and
you cannot upload your score online.

You also cannot save your achievements.

D-Blocks trailer:

What else?

I am preparing a new game mode. The adventure mode will be free of time,
but it will be more and more difficult, level by level. To help you reach all
levels, you could spend your earned gold to the shop. Buy some bombs and other
combos! Coming soon


You can reach me by mail at: Do not
hesitate to contact me, I need your mind, anything you want about my game will
be interesting for me.

To be continued…


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